New Infusion Pumps for Cancer Centre

The staff at the Milton Cancer Centre are all smiles thanks to the Cancer Outpatients Appeal which has purchased 8 new infusion pumps for the  Centre at a cost of $15,600.
The new IV pumps are the latest generation of pumps which keep pace with the changes taking place in the customised cocktail of drugs being ordered for individual chemotherapy patients. These changes are resulting in more complex treatments, with patients receiving different combinations of drugs over longer periods of time compared with a few years ago and these pumps are designed to provide the flexibility needed to meet these therapy changes.

Dee Carrington, President of the Cancer Outpatients Appeal said, “We are pleased to be able to support the advances in chemotherapy administration by purchasing these new IV pumps for the Cancer Centre.

“It is a notable achievement to report that over 95% of local cancer patients needing chemotherapy support are now able to be treated in Milton instead of having to travel to Nowra or Wollongong. This is a reflection of the growing skills and expertise of local staff and the importance of the Milton Cancer Centre in the provision of quality cancer services to our area. It makes the years of fundraising for and building the Cancer Centre all worthwhile when we see this progress and the benefits it brings to local patients and their families.

“The purchase of these pumps is a good example of why the volunteers of the Cancer Outpatients Appeal continue their charitable work in support of the Cancer Centre and the local community.We are grateful to local community groups, individuals, clubs and businesses who continue to donate to the Appeal and allow us to provide the support needed to see our Cancer Centre advance and develop.”