Consultation room

Professional Services


Patients' access to chemotherapy is currently provided 3 days a week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays by a team of qualified Oncology nurses under the direction of the Rural Cancer Nurse Co-ordinator who is responsible for co-ordinating patient care from diagnosis through therapy.

Palliative Care Nursing

Palliative Care Nursing to provide:

  • Symptom Management
  • Support End Stage Care
  • Home Visits
  • Community based providing consultancy for Palliative Care Patients.

Contact Linda Foley 02 4424 6300.

Oncology Social Workers

Helen Breen - Visits the centre every Thursday.

Breast Care Nurses

Meredith Brien - McGrath Breast Care Nurse

02 4423 9498

0422 001 305

Gynaecology/Colorectal Cancer

Anne Fanning and Bronwyn Freeman - Clinical nurse specialists

By appointment 02 4423 9411

Dietitian Services

Milton Hospital’s Dietitian provides valuable nutritional support services to patients.

Lymphoedema Massage

Lymphoedema massage is provided by the Milton Hospital’s Physiotherapy Department.